Handmade Fathers Day Card

Make a handmade Fathers Day card using glittery brads. Start with a modern patten paper as inspiration for your homemade card ideas to make a Fathers Day card.

I thought this brown and blue pattern paper would make a great Father's Day card because it looked more masculine than using a flower print. The plate looking sentiment was created using a circle punch on different layers of colored paper.

I didn't have the exact color of brads to match the paper so I improvised and colored the brads using glitter.

handmade fathers day card

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Make a Fathers Day card using a trophy sticker as with the card below. Start with a sticker as inspiration to make a Fathers Day card.

Stickers are great for your cardmaking because they make the process faster and easier. This sticker features a trophy that says "Worlds Best Dad".

handmade fathers day card

I often use scrapbook pattern paper for my paper card makings ideas but I decided to use solid colors to create this Fathers Day card. I chose the colors on the sticker to help me coordinate the colors of the solid paper. For this Fathers Day greeting card and many of my handmade card making projects, I often use my printer to create the sentiment but you can use rub-on letters or a stamp.

You can also eliminate the ribbon when you make Fathers day cards. Center the sticker if you decide not to add the ribbon. I happen to like ribbon so I used a narrow, black and white gingham for this Fathers Day card idea.

Try this design or my other homemade greeting card ideas to make Fathers Day cards.

handmade fathers day card

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If you like cute Fathers Day greeting cards, here is one I created using free clip art I found on the web. I just colored the image in with chalk ink using the colors from the pattern paper I used.

Once you print and color in your image, this homemade Fathers Day card is relatively easy to make.

I also used my medium sized heart punch to help embellish it punching out two different colors. Again, using the same color scheme as the pattern paper. I tied a knot on green grosgrain ribbon instead of making a bow. Often times I think bows might be too feminine when making Fathers Day cards.

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