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Making birthday cards using a punch can spark up all kinds of different card making ideas.

Making Birthday Cards Using Colors Pink White and Black

For this card making idea, I embellished it with white ribbon and silver beads. I used Fiskars Corner Punch to round off the corners. I also used Fiskars punch for the round medalion. Using black and white pattern paper in making birthday cards is easy because this color combination coordinates well with an accent color like pink.

This can also make a great Thank You card as shown in the instructions.

Card Making Supplies

  • ⅝” wide white grosgrain ribbon cut to 5 ½” long
  • (2) 4mm silver plastic beads
  • ⅛” wide black satin ribbon (cut to 5 ½ ” after beads are threaded through)
  • 5” x 3 ½” pink paper
  • 4 ½” x 3” pattern paper
  • 4 ½” x ½” white, light weight cardstock paper
  • Black paper for circle punch
  • Personalized message (can be printed from printer, hand written or stamped, preferably on cardstock paper)
  • Card Making Tools

  • 4” x 5 ½” white blank card
  • Fiskars Squeeze Punch – Corner ¼” round
  • Fiskars Squeeze Punch - 2” circle
  • Fiskars Squeeze Punch - Seal of Approval
  • Double sided tape
  • Scotch tape
  • White glue


making birthday cards instructions

Round off all 4 corners of the pink and pattern paper using a corner punch.

Center and tape the pink paper onto a white blank card.

making birthday cards instructions

Tape the white ribbon onto the white strip of paper (this helps make the ribbon opaque so you can't see the pattern paper through ribbon).

making birthday cards instructions

Center and tape the ribbon onto the pattern paper.

making birthday cards instructions

Fold ribbon ends toward the back and tape with regular tape.

making birthday cards instructions

Punch out a black circle with Fiskar 2” circle puncher and punch out personalized message with the Seal of Approval punch.

If you use regular printing paper and not cardstock paper, double layer the paper for the personalized message. Using double sided tape, I tape the personalized message to a blank sheet of paper and punch both layers together. This make the message look more white and opaque.

making birthday cards instructions

Center and tape personalized message to black circle.

making birthday cards instructions

Thread 2 beads through ribbon. (I bend a craft wire in half to make a needle).

Cut ribbon approx 5 1/2 ”.

making birthday cards instructions

Center the black ribbon onto the white ribbon and tape in the center, making sure beads do not come off at ends.

making birthday cards instructions

Then fold the ribbon ends toward the back and tape with regular tape.

making birthday cards instructions

Tape medallion to pattern paper and slide the beads toward the sides of the medallion and place tiny amount of glue to secure beads.

making birthday cards instructions

Center and tape pattern paper to pink paper then fold card at score.

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