Make Thank You Cards
and Use a Pretty Butterfly

make thank you cards

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Make thank you cards that are pretty with easy handmade card ideas using craft punches and embellishments like a butterfly sticker and ribbon.

If you have a decorative border punch, it's a great tool for your homemade card ideas.

I created this handmade thank you card by punching out all four corners of creme paper. If you are using a decorative punch, it's best to place dark paper behind it so that the small details from the punch aren't lost. Contrast the dark paper with light paper as with this homemade greeting card.

When you make greeting cards, you can create the sentiment by printing it out from a printer, using stickers, stamping it or using rub on letters.

I printed the sentiment out on cream printable cardstock paper. The final touch is the butterfly sticker and satin creme bow.

make thank you cards instructions
make thank you cards instructions
make thank you cards instructions
make thank you cards instructions
make thank you cards instructions

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