Handmade Halloween Card

Make a handmade Halloween card with a spider theme. Find lots of ideas on this site to build your own Halloween card with examples of handmade cards.

handmade halloween card spider blue orange

If you are looking for spooky handmade card ideas for making Halloween cards, you can find this image on a software program I purchased called eCard Wizard.

halloween card making software

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Ecard Wizard provides templates to help you make homemade Halloween cards as well as ideas for other handmade card making projects.

Spiders are popular for Halloween card ideas which is why I thought this template was cute. The program lets you change the text so you can personalize this Halloween card idea.

Often times, handmade halloween cards are orange or purple but I liked the fresh idea of using blue. Since the text and spider web were blue, I used a solid color paper for the background.

Rick rack is a great embellishment for your Halloween card making projects. I used a large, black sized rick rack for this Halloween card craft.

I often use ribbon for many of my paper card making ideas and for this Halloween card design, I didn't have a blue or black ribbon so I used orange. I used a black, glittery brad and placed it over the knot on the ribbon.

I placed the image on an angle but for your homemade Halloween card ideas, you can straighten it, position it on one of the corners or experiment if you don't like the diagonal aspect of this Halloween greeting card.

Examples of Handmade Cards


Below are more homemade card ideas to make Halloween cards. These cards for Halloween feature vampires, dragons and ghosts.

handmade halloween card vampire orange black

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Make a Halloween card, again, using eCard Wizard. Here's a template I used that featured a vampire. I used a black card for the background.

handmade halloween card dragon green

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Here's another card idea using eCard Wizard. I used an existing template and just trimmed the edges to finish the cards.

More Halloween Greeting
Card Ideas

handmade halloween card ghosts purple orange

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Build your own Halloween cards using clip art. This card features a cluster of ghosts and I embellished it with ribbon and a candy corn button.

handmade halloween card skeleton boo

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I hope you enjoy these Halloween card designs. Keep searching through the web to inspire you and help you with your hand made card ideas to make unique Halloween cards.

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homemade halloween card


There are lots of templates to choose from or create your own cards like I did.

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