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Make a Halloween card with a ghost theme. Find lots of unique, cute and spooky homemade Halloween card ideas for making Halloween cards on this site.

I found this cute image of a group of ghosts and used the clip art for this and other Halloween card ideas. I printed it twice and from one of the print outs, cut out one of the ghosts. I then put foam tape on the back of the ghost I cut out and carefully placed it over the duplicate image.

make a halloween card

For your handmade Halloween cards, look for purple paper. I actually found my purple print paper in a scrapbook kit but it worked so well on my Halloween card craft that I will make more Halloween greeting cards with it.

make a halloween card

To make the sentiment for this Halloween card idea, I used a card making software program called eCard Wizard. First, I imported the ghost image into the program and then I added the text "Happy Halloween!". I then trimmed the sentiment and placed it on black paper so the black paper served as the border.

For my homemade card ideas, I often save small scraps or remnants of ribbon, trim or buttons. I had purple rick rack so it helped tie all the colors nicely for this Halloween card making project. And I only needed a very small piece for my Halloween greeting card.

I also found a pack of candy corn buttons on sale because I knew they would come in handy when thinking of homemade Halloween card ideas. I cut the shank off and used a hot glue gun to stick it onto the ribbon.

For your paper card making ideas, you don't have to use ghosts. Try a vampire, witch or any Halloween themed image to make a Halloween card.

More Examples of Handmade Cards for Halloween

make a halloween card

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Here are other homemade greeting card ideas to build your own Halloween card. I used the same candy corn button for this handmade card making project. To make the sentiment, I used an image and typed in "Boo!" again using eCard Wizard.

You can make more unique Halloween cards with these cardmaking ideas. For this handmade Halloween card, again I used eCard Wizard but this time, used an existing template. Once I printed it out, all that needed to be done was trim the excess borders.

make a halloween card dragon

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Here's another Happy Halloween card I created but this time I used clip art from Microsoft's gallery. I found an image of a vampire and using eCard Wizard, typed "Happy Halloween".

make a halloween card

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You don't have to use eCard Wizard to create your sentiments but it's a good option to have if you don't have a graphics program.

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Halloween card designs are endless but whatever you make, will be a cool card and will be cherished.

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