How to make a card

For those who are just learning how to make a card, the basic supplies you will need is a blank card and embellishments for your card.   Some basic tools are scissors and glue or adhesives.  

The first step in making a card is to determine what kind of card you want to make. Is it a birthday card, baby card or maybe a get well card.  The quickest way to get embellishments for your card are purchasing stickers that have various designs and perhaps, the sentiment.  

Cards I created early into my card making hobby are pretty simple.  

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Here's a card idea where you get the sentiments and pages of the banner tags which can be used for so many occassions like birthdays, Mother's Day or Easter.

I've saved these ideas exclusively for card making enthusiasts and you won't find the ideas on my website, unless I was just too excited to share a couple of them.

Happy Card Making!

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